Hybrid or Fiber Pair Links & More for Video Productions 

Commentary Station over one Fiber
Audio - Video - Ethernet - Data
Cambox DUO
Multi-Brand Camera SMPTE/Fiber Link
Video, Audio, Remote, Intercom, Tally, ...
Scala PTZ
High End PTZ Camera Hybrid Link
Panasonic - Canon - Sony
Cambox URSA G2
Blackmagic URSA Cameras
dedicated Hybrid Link
Cambox PoP
Cinema Cameras Link -  3G or 12G
Venice - FX9 - F55 - AU-EVA -  ..... 
Cambox NEXT
Multiple Hybrid / Fiber Links
in Daisy Chain
Cambox SPU
Hybrid Power Adder for HXC-FB80
(now available for GV cameras)
Cambox Custom
Do you need something different?
Custom Projects on demand

Main Products Quick List

Commentary Station

Double Commentary Station via Fiber Pair or Hybrid (SMPTE)
Full featured with Audio, Video, Data and Power
Video In/Out SDI-HDMI, Audio Tie-Lines, additional Microphone Inputs, 1GB Ethernet, Tally, GPI, RS422,  and.... FlexyBUS 


Panasonic PTZ aw-ue150
Scala & Scala-LT

TOP Grade PTZ Cameras enhanced Fiber/Hybrid Interface
Video 3G and 12G, Audio, Data and Power
Multiple Video In/Out, Audio Tie-Lines,  Microphone Inputs,
1GB Ethernet, Tally, GPI, RS422, Fiber-Loop

PTZ Interface

Cambox MIDI 

LIVE PRODUCTION Hybrid SMPTE or Fiber Pair Solution
Multi Brand Cameras Fiber Pair or Hybrid Interface
All Signals and Ancillaries you need. Up to 4 Cameras in 1RU CCU
SDI 3G Video BiDi , Intercom, Audio, Tally, Ethernet, RS422/232, LANC

Camera Link

Camera Link Blackmagic URSA G2

The LIVE PRODUCTION Hybrid Fiber Solutions
Blackmagic URSA Cameras Hybrid Interface.
The Cheapest Hybrid systems for URSA Cameras
Independent additional Tally. All Ancillaries supplied. Turn Key solution


Fiber Link SDI Ethernet
Cambox PoP & PoP+

Point to Point
3G SDI BiDirectional + Flexy BUS
Flexy BUS: Ethernet or Madi or HD Bidi or HDMI or Multimode
Fiber Pair LC/LC SC/SC or HYBRID with POWER (PoP+)

Point to Point

Fiber Link SDI Ethernet NEXT
Cambox Daisy & NEXT

Daisy Chain Systems
Up to 6 units linked on a single Fiber Line or Hybrid pass trough !!!
Daisy:  3G SDI Bidirectional + FlexyBUS (Ethernet, Madi, SDI, HDMI....)
NEX:    Daisy with  + POWER LINK (Hybrid Cable)

Daisy Chain

Link Power Repeter
SPU48 & SPU12

SPU48 Enhanced Replacement of Sony HXCE - FB70
            Perfect to extend distance for Sony HXC - FB80
SPU12 for GV Cameras (e.g.: LDK 86)
           and Blackmagic URSA LINK

Power ADD

Custom Fiber / Hybrid SMPTE
Custom Device Development

Some special need ?
Not a valid solution on market ?
Long Distance? Fibers or Hybrid cable may solve?
Contact our R&D !!!


Diagrams - Quick Jump

Quick overview and signals path and concepts of our products

Need Something Special?   Call US

FIBER & HYBRID Solutions

Optical communication allow multiple signals to be transported over Fiber Pair to long distance with lite cables without loss
Hybid cables (fiber + copper) carry power to remote device
Cambox Series products Transform your camera or camcorder in to an efficient source for your
Studio, OB-Van, Fly-Case Live Production

REM Office-R&D: Via Sorrento, 21 20153 Milan                  Prod / Lab: Caravaggio (BG)

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