REM Milano
REM Fiber Solutions

Office R&D: Via Sorrento 21 20153 MILAN (MI) ITALY
Production: Via Sangaletti  24043 CARAVAGGIO (BG)
Telephone International +39 348 314 7783    ( H24 - 7/7)
Telefono Italia 0363 673473

REM Milano
REM - since 1991 

Founded on 1991 with two main goals Research & Maintenance (Ricerca E Manutenzione)
Support Center in Italy since begin for Barco, Grass Valley, Quartz, LYNX and others
Consultant for System Integrators and Private Television
Device Developing and Production
Started with video analog domain (Routers, DSK, Controls, Distribution, Undermonitor in Network, Power management and Control Software) and evolved in SDI and Fiber devices for Video, Audio, Data and more...

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Company supported in Italy during our activity:

   Barco - Monitors, Projectors, Systems ( and Products Customization)
   Grass Valley - Mixers, Routers, Server  & C.
   Lynx AG - Full Range products since it's activity begin
   Omnitek - Instrument
   Quartz - Routers ( we developed dedicated SW)
   Tektronix - Servers Profile and Video Instruments (Full support & SW customization)
and... Albiral - Apantac - Broadcast Pix - Cableworld - Datavideo - Lightware - Nevion - Masterclock - Osee - Redbyte - Teracue - Trilogy - .....   

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Production Partner

We started productions from Analog Video/Audio devices to SDI-3G and now 12G
Video Audio Data over Fiber or Hybrid with system management and redundancy
Smart and Flexible solutions to optimize usage and fiber opportunity 
Special dedicated devices for Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic [Hybrid - SMPTE]
GBXPOINT provide effective help in production and support since 2012

REM Milano

Kenwyn House, Marsh Green Road    Sandbach CW113BH  UK
Mark Townsend
Tel: +44 789 9900102

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tbs96 ltd 
Rr. “Thanas Ziko” Nr. 86/1,
Tirana 1005, ALBANIA
Tel +355 42253167



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REM Office-R&D: Via Sorrento, 21 20153 Milan                  Prod / Lab: Caravaggio (BG)

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