Double Commentary Audio-Video
via Fiber Pair or Hybrid (SMPTE)
Full featured with integrated Videos In/Out SDI-HDMI, Tally/GPI  RS422 and Ethernet / FlexyBUS

See Video Introduction below.......

ALL YOU NEED ...on a Fiber

ComMEDIA connect all required signals in Commentary Workstation to your control room with a Fiber Pair or Hybrid Cable (SMPTE)
- 2 SDI Video Bidirectiona (with HDMI Outputs also).  Selectable by Commentator
- 2 Full featured Two Commentator Console
- 4 Audio TIE LINE with  2 Microphone Inputs (selectable) and EAR Monitors
- 2 Auxiliary Wired or Bluetooth Intercom
- 1GB Ethernet
- Automatic Fiber Switch (in case of a Fiber failure)
- Flexible Console Power Supply (Powercon Main / Hybrid Cable)
- Tally / GPI / FlexyBus / Fiber Expansion         ... and MUCH MORE
- Browser Page Remote Control and Optional 1RU Remote Panel

Fiber or Hybrid Connection  

ComMEDIA is available  Fiber Pair or Hybrid (Fiber plus Copper)

All Signals and Controls uses a single fiber
In case of fiber failure the transmission is routed on the second fiber automatically

Two commentators with PGMs, Returns, Talkbacks and intra-commentators line
Four TIE LINES (2 with Mic/Line) (2 settable as Intercom or Bluetooth headset)
Video Outputs are selectable by operators
HDMI Outs, RS422, Ethernet, Tallies & GPI, Fiber BUS .... and more !!!
TWO ComMEDIA may be fiber Joined via fiber (see Fiber BUS)

Watch ComMEDIA Video Introduction


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