Double Commentary Audio-Video Station
via Fiber Pair or Hybrid Fiber (SMPTE)
Full featured with integrated Videos management
In/Out SDI-HDMI, Tally/GPI  and Ethernet
Redundant Fiber: If a fiber line fail ComMEDIA
automatically swap to the second fiber of Pair.
Easily expandable to 4 Commentator over the same Fiber Pair !  (two ComMEDIA may be Fiber Chained)

Fiber or Hybrid Connection  

ComMEDIA is available on Two version
Tactical - Fiber Pair ONLY
Hybrid (Fiber plus Copper) - with POWER Transport

All Signals and Controls are carried on a single fiber.
In case of fiber failure the transmission is routed on the second fiber immediately without noise!

Two BiDirectional Video with HDMI Out on Consolle
FOUR Aux Audio BiDirectional
Ethernet 1G / GPIs,Tally / Full Remote Ctrl from CCU

ComMEDIA Concept

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REM di Gazzola Marino     Office-R&D: Via Sorrento, 21   20153 Milan      Prod / Lab: Via A.Bisi, 26   20152 Milan - Italy

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