REM Midi

Camera - Camcorders Fiber or HYBRID Link
MIDI is a complete Camera Link available with Fiber Pair or SMPTE connection

- SDI 3G BiDirectional  or  SDI 12G BiDirectional (Option)
- Reference & Timecode
- Intercom integrated plus Auxiliary Audio BiDirectional (unBalanced)
- Serial RS422 / RS232 / LANC / Tally / GPI (all active)
- Ethernet 1GB
- Independent Camera Adapters Power Control
- Optional Integrated Intercom Base Station Built-In
Rugged HYBRID System   (Neutrik DUO or LEMO)

Up to FOUR channel in a 1RU control unit  & REMOTE HYBRID Panel (1RU max 4 Hybrid connections)

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MIDI are widely used with Cinema Cameras like Sony Venice
In FILM Productions as well in TOP Sport Production

Used to control and transport 4K to recording area in winner film 'Il Buco'
in a cave with 1Km fiber connection and in another one with 250m with Hybrid cable

Used in Sport Production to transform Venice or FX9 in to a full featured
Broadcast Camera with SMPE Cable

REM Mini
REM Mini
REM Mini
REM Mini
REM Midi
REM Mini

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