Cambox Scala
SCALA - PTZ Hybrid Link

PTZ Fiber Pair or Hybrid Interface
SCALA is the perfect solution for your TOP gamma PTZ
- SDI 12G
- 3G SDI Monitoring
- SDI 3G BiDirectional
- Ethernet 1GB
- Reference
- Two BiDi Audio (Mic In with Phantom, Line In, 2 Return, All Balanced)
- Serial RS422
- Tally / GPI
- Aux 12V Output
- Various Mechanical Adapter for Tripod and other fixes

Cambox Scala_Config
SCALA Configurability

Scala may be ordered in various fashion to match your needs

- E Ethernet 1GB
- M   Multifunction (SDI, Reference, Audios, RS422, Tally, GPI)
- S   SDI 3G Bidirectional
- G   SDI 12G Monodirectional or BiDirectional
- C   Fiber Input with SDI 12G Output (only for Panasonic AW-UE150)
- P   Fiber Loop (Free Fiber)
- N   Neutrik Hybrid connectors
- L    SMPTE Hybrid connectors

Dual Channel or Single Channel in 1RU control unit
Various Adapters (shape designed for AW-UE150 / CR-N500)

Cambox Scala_Lite
Scala Lite

Scala is available in FOUR preformated basic configuration:

Lite B (Bidirectional)
3G SDI Bidirectional plus Ethernet 1GB - Tally & POWER

Lite R (Reference)
3G SDI and Reference (BB) plus Ethernet 1GB - Timecode - Tally & POWER

Lite ST (Studio / Theater)
3G SDI and Reference (BB) plus Ethernet 1GB - Timecode - Tally & POWER
for shorter distance and inside applications with lighter Hybrid Cable
Application with Wall-Box and Fiber Patch

Cambox SCALA

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