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CAMBOX Project

SMPTE-311M Fiber Cable Adapters for Cameras or Camcorder  Ideal for OB-Vans, Up-Links, Flycases, Studios

Connect your Cameras or Camcorders to your ObVan or Flycase via one single light robust cable carring all required Signals, Controls and Power

Transform Your Camcorder in a modern Studio Camera !!! 

DUO Napoli

Cambox DUO

SMPTE-311M Hybrid Fiber Cable Adapter
for your Cameras / Camcorder
Ideal for OB-Vans, Up-Links, Flycases
TWO Cameras controlled by 1RU CCU
Easely expanded to 4,6 or more cameras
Power, SDI 3G/HD/SD, Analog Videos
Audios, Intercom, RCP Data,Tally
With Cambox DUO you may transform
your Camcorder in a Studio Camera !

URSA Forum

Cambox URSA

Blackmagic@ URSA cameras dedicated
12G Camera Control Unit (CCU)

Up to FOUR cameras connected in 1RU 
Directly installable on Patch Bay area
Available in 3G light version upgradable 12G

3G limited light  version available



General Poupose Remote BOX via SMPTE311M Hybrid Cable with Power
Four (4) SDI 3G/HD/SD bidirectional plus IP
Eigth (8) SDI 3G/HD/SD plus IP
Four (4) SDI4Kq/3G/HD/SD plus
Two (2) Analog return, IP, Intercom,Tally

RCP Wireless

Wireless Bridge

This RCP Wireless system allow a complete comunication between the "Remote Control Panel" RCP and your Camera or Camcorder.
You can control all camera functions as Iris,Master Black, Black, White, etc..
without any delay, like standad camera cable.
Excellent completation with video transmitters of various brands to obtain a complete and totally controllable Radio Camera!

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