PTZ Fiber Pair or Hybrid Interface
SCALA is the perfect solution for your TOP gamma PTZ
Hybrid connections for Power Transport to PTZ
SDI 12G, 3G SDI Monitoring, SDI 3G BiDirectional
Reference, RS422,  Audio (Mic In, Line In, Return,  Balanced)
Ethernet ( with POE++ if  Hybrid)
Tally/GPI, Aux 12V Output

Power Transport in Hybrid version

Mechanical Adapter for Tripod and other fixes

Born Modular

Config your Scala
PTZ Interface: Fiber Pair or Hybrid
Connector: LCLC, Rugged, Neutrik DUO, SMPTE
A: Ethernet ( with POE++ if Hybrid)
B: SDI 12G (Bidi optional)
C: SDI 3G BiDirectional
D: Reference, Balanced Audios, Tally/GPI, Aux 12V 
E: Full Direct Fiber Loop
F: Fiber 12G (only for Panasonic AW-UE150)
Flexible Mounting Kit (Tripod, Under Cam, etc...)

Panasonic AW-UE150 Example

Add feature to your TOP Gamma PTZ Camera
All signal transported plus:
>   Additional 3G return to Camera
>   Independent GPI and Tally
>   SDI 12G Loop and Dual Output in CCU
>   Aux 12Volt Output
>   AUDIO:
            Microphone Input with Phantom  Balanced
            Analog Line Input Balanced
            Analog Return Balanced
The optional Fiber Input allow 12G from Camera SFP

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