Have You an OB-Van or Up-Link?

Cost efficient fiber solutions to update your structure or to create
a new one.                                           See our new ideas over fiber

Rugged Fiber Pair Camera FULL connection

Use a rugged but light fiber cable / reel to connect and full manage any cameras model (Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon)
Bidirectional Video and Audio, Intercom, Remote, Tally, etc...
Cambox Mini is the solution for You !

Full featured Camera Hybrid systems (Triax Like) 

Hybrid Cables offer the best connection for a camera connected to OB-Vans or movable regia. Same features of Fiber Pair plus POWER TRANSPORT in the same cable.
Extremely robust SMPTE304+311  is the standard in broadcast field.
Cambox DUO or Mini+ORH are the solution for You !

Audio/Video Commentary Station ComMEDIA

A New concept COMMENTARY Station
Full featured with integrated VIDEO connection and management over fiber with full path redundancy, Available or up gradable to Hybrid.
Ethernet and Audio Tie lines and F-Ex allow unlimited expansions. 

Have you already a Commentary Station?

ADD your commentary station to ComMEDIA as extension.
Analog or Dante or IP system may be easily connected to ComMEDIA to amply possibilities using fiber connections features

Have You a Camcorder?

Sometimes a perfect camcorder may stay in a box when you need an additional camera in a live production due to the missing connections and remote controls.
We may suggest 4 different solutions with or without power transport (Fiber Pair or Hybrid).
Starting from a basic solution to a full featured Studio Camera chain for you Camcorders

Mini - 3G Full chain Fiber Pair or Hybrid Camera system

One Rack Unit connect up to 4 cameras via rugged fiber pair
3G SDI BiDirectional / Genlock / Intercom / Aux  Audio Tie line
3 Remote active RS422 / RS232  /LANC   / Tallie / Timecode
( HM850 JVC at Horse Race - Mini Hybrid on picture )

Mini - 12G & Hybrid Cable optionals 

Mini is available in 12G and trough ORH may use Hybrid SMPTE cable to carry power to cameras (Available with Lemo or Neutrik Opticalcom DUO or SENKO IP-ONE
Outside Sony cameras on sport event 

DUO - Full HD Hybrid Fiber chain with SDI/Analog return

One Rack Unit CCU connecting TWO Cameras with all functions.
HD-SDI with 4 DV out and Audio Deembedder
Return Video SDI+Analog / Serial Remote / Intercom / Tallies / Genlock
Full power via Hybrid cable up to 450 mt.
Picture: Sony PMW900 at Music Live - Cambox DUO Hybrid (2017)

Cambox DUO in Theater (OB-Van 6 cameras)

( JVC 850 HD camcorder in Theater on picture - 2014 )

Have You a Fly-Case? 
Need more Flexibility?

Cost efficient fiber solutions to increase you flexibility

Last moment flexibility 

Additional 'on-fly' video connections requests may be easily solved via Fiber or Hybrid using a PoP / PoP+ pairs. Our Point to Point solutions.
Just add cable and you may connect any video sources. PTZ, Monitor, Wall, DANTE or Ravenna with Video, IP cameras avoiding Latency, and so on

Have you a special requirement or Problem to solve?

We develop customized solution based on specific requirements of our customer. Sometime the correct device isn't available on the market or a valid solution reuire complex structure and device matching.
A tailored solution may be the best. 
Our customized device was used by RAI in Brazil Olimpic and are now in 'Giro d'Italia' bicycle race and other installation.
4K OB-Van in soccer event use our customized redundant fiber to connect them to SKY encoding station
We may have the device for You as well.  CONTACT US, we may try

Have You a BMD URSA Cameras?

Ursa Mini, Mini Plus and Broadcast have a very competitive camera body price. But if you need to use hybrid cable to connect them to your Regia the costs arise a lot..  and rack space also !
With Cambox URSA is it possible to connect up to 6 cameras to a single rack unit  Control Unit
SDI-3G and lower cost cables-connectors may be selected to drastically reduce system gross cost !

CCU - Cambox Control Unit

One Rack Unit CCU can  manage up to 6 cameras.
Lemo (SMPTE) or Neutrik or SENKO versions
Available in Low Power and High power version (SMPTE only).

CCA - Cambox Camera Adapter

Two SDI version available, the cost effective 3G or 12G
Installed Hybrid connectors match the CCU.
SENKO connector available for indoor / studio applications

Have You something that fiber may solve ?
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