Remote Hybrid 1RU CAMBOX Power Unit
Equipped with Senko, Neutrik or Lemo connectors 
ORH allow Cambox Series units to carry power
ORH may be installed in  OB-Van Patch Bay area
far from CAMBOX CCUs

The PT version may be used as Patch in generic use

Convert any  CAMBOX Products
to "over Hybrid-Fiber"  

Mini - 4 Channel full Hybrid
DUO - Remote Patch Bay
URSA - Remote Patch Bay
PoP connected to Pop+
CamMEDIA - Power ADD or Remote Patch Bay
CommLink - Power ADD or  Remote Patch Bay
Others - Generic Hybrid Patch (Lemo or Neutrik)

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REM    Office-R&D: Via Sorrento, 21   20153 Milan      Prod / Lab:  Settimo Milanese (MI) - Italy

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