Can't be EASIER - Up to FOUR Cameras in 1RU
All signals and controls in ONE FIBERS PAIR 
     2-SDI SD-HD-3G-12G
     3-Controls RS422-232-LANC
    Genlock - Timecode
    Intercom - Utility Audio - Tally
    Optional Intercom Base Station Built-In
Multi-Brand: Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon


Same Features of CAMBOX Mini standard 
... Plus Power Transport over Hybrid Cable

Up to FOUR Cameras in 1RU
Optional Patch Bay Active Hybrid Panel  1RU
Multi-Brand: Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon
HYBRID connectors: SMPTE (Lemo) or  Neutrik)

All Signals over Fiber or Hybrid

Full Control of Cameras and Communications
Any Camera or Camcorder can be upgraded to a Studio Camera via a simple  Fiber Pair  Cable with a Cambox Camera Adapter

Up to FOUR cameras are controlled by a single
One Rack Control Unit handling all signals.
Rugged connectors: Senko, Conec, Neutrik, Lemo

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REM    Office-R&D: Via Sorrento, 21   20153 Milan      Prod / Lab:  Settimo Milanese (MI) - Italy

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