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Cambox DUO

CCU system for Sony Panasonic JVC Cameras and Camcorders

Cambox DUO

The Cambox DUO was developed since 2016 to match the request for a low cost system to manage Cameras via SMPTE 311M Hybrid fiber cables. with all necessary signals management
Musical Events, Sports, Studios, ENG  and other live situations 

Small ObVans, Uplink, Fly cases may use Cambox DUO to enhance the performance of a Camcorder transformed in Studio Cameras.

The Cambox Camera Adapter include SDI 3G/HD/SD video connection, Intercom with Headset via professional XLR interface with volume control and Microphone  on/off,
Power via Vlock (or GMount), Genlock and RCP Data to camera, second line bidirectional audio I/O available on multifunction connector
Dedicated Viewfinder connection -  Power, Return Video & Tally

Modern, compact, robust metal case

SMPTE 311M Hybrid Cables Cables with Neutrik OpticlconDUO or Lemo (opt.)  are used to connect CCU to CCAs .

Tattical cable may be used for long distance ( Up to 5 Km )
Local energy supply  is required in this case.

ORH option  allow low cost fiber pairs and copper cables to be used to connect Cambox DUO to Patch Bay area instaead of expensive SMPTE Cables & Connectors

The Cambox DUO CCU control TWO (2) CCA (Cameras).
CCU supply power to CCA via Hybrid cable.
Indipenden power supply for each CCA.
No energy is supplied until CCA is connected and detected.
Hybrid connector Neutrik OpticalconDuo, or Lemo as option.
SDI Out from camera distributed (4 Outputs per camera)
Two channel Audio Deembedder built-in
Intercom 4Wire (plus 2Wire opt),  additional bidirectional audio.
Two analog return video per camera (Genlock/Return)

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Hight quality tecnology
for SDI 3G conversion.
Power management

Intrcom / Tally / RCP Data
Addition Audio
Two Return Videos.
SDI Distribution and
Audio Deembedder built in


Flexible Use

Fly Case


Multibrand Cameras

Compatible with:


Cambox DUO Camera Adapter

Cambox Camera Adapter:
Light box mounted on camera on battery location (V-Lock or Gold Mount)
Energy is supplied to the camera via battery contact, 3G SDI input and opt. Output connections via BNC,
Intercom on XLR5P/4P with Headset buttons  volume control and Microphone on/off controls (on top of CCA)
Tally/GPI, additional audio second video return and a second power out available on multifunction connector

CBDL (Lemo Version) show



Cambox DUO Control

Cambox Control Unit: 1RU frame, holds all the connections and supply energy to Two  Cambox Camera Adapters.

Ineipenden power supply per each camera and Redundant PowerSupply STANDARD

No energy are present on cable until Cambox Camera Adapter isn't connected and recognized by Control Unit.
Sfety Low voltage DC used.

SDI 3G/HD/SD distributor with 4 outputs and 2ch audio deembedder as standard

Common genlock loop trought  and independent terminated return video. SDI return video available as option

Intercom 4W & Tally

RCP data line for Sony/Panasonic/JVC or Lanc

Designed to easily grouped and stacked to control more cameras and with Patch Bay area installation option


Cambox DUO Options

Cambox Duo is available in two main versions:
CBD: standard version equipped with Neutrik OpticalconDuo.
CBDL: version equiped with LEMO connectors.
LITE: CCU with LC pair connectors, supplied when CBD or CBDL ordered with ORH option

ORS = Optional SDI Return Video to camera

OCS = Customized Cable Sets based on your Cameras / RCPs

OGM = Gold Mount Plate installed instead of default V-Mount

ORH = Optional Remote Hibrid  Panel (see here)

ORHP = Powered Remote Hibrid Panel (see here)


Cables and Reels

We may supply Hybrid cables and reel to be used with Cambox family products

SMPTE 311M cables with Neutrik, or Lemo connectors:

OHCx050 - 50m.
OHCx100 - 100m.
OHCx150 -.150m.
OHCx200 - 250m.
OHCx300 - 300m.

N=Neutric OpticalCON
L=Lemo edw/fdw

OR1: One hand Reel
OR2. Metal Reel with weel
OR3: Reel for >250mt
Cable lenght and Reel
on custom request.
Ask for special requirements